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Cut Thecrap logo designed Thip Penpayap

Cut Thecrap is the DJ name of Thitinun which is also one of Thitinun's main role in Thai contemporary society. After graduated from Berklee college of music in Boston he moved back to his motherland with full ambition to improve Thai music scene by gathered a lot of musicians together through specific method. In 2008 he started to get involve in Thai DJ society by going to every club that have DJ culture to gathered as much information as he can about this music scene. This appear to be a high budget project since all money he spend for clubbing came from his own fund but Thitinun never made a complain about this so far.

In the mid of 2010 he organized a party at Cafe democ, Bangkok, he manage to bring one famous icelandish DJ, Jack Schidt to played there and this is also his first debut in DJ world and the first gig for Cut Thecrap. The respond of his DJ session at the moment is way above his expectation which lead him to play again many times at cafe democ.

23 octorber 2010 Cut Thecrap name appeared in DJ line up for the great event Camp Culture which been held at Bonanza Khao Yai.

Cut TheCrap still remain active in Bangkok DJ scene.