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Thitinun Swasdikula na Ayudthaya

Thitinun Swasdikula na AyudthayaEdit

Thitinun Swasdikula na Ayudthaya is a contemporary artist and public figure in Bangkok, Thailand. Thitinun is widely regarded for his post-teen influence in the art, music and urban scene of the Thai capital. Thitinun's creative force emerged early in the 21st Century, propelled by a multi-disciplinary immersion into contemporary, mixed-media, street culture.. Established primarily through his persona as "DJ Cut the Crap," Thitinun has expanded upon his range of expression; moreover, his creative ethos manifests through an experimental lifestyle devoted to testing the boundaries of "traditional" Thai expectations.



Thitinun Swasdikula na Ayudthaya


8th November 1985

Elementary school:

Saint John

Middle and High school:

Patumwan demonstration school


Berklee college of music

DJ name:

Cut thecrap

Early dayEdit

8th November 1985, Thitinun born in Bangkok grew up in an upper middle class family. He was a quiet child back in a day. As a youngest child with 2 older sisters, Thitinun found himself had a strong interest in a different of sex as he always show his curiosity through his 'strange' behaviors in his pior day and for some reason he became a quite boy since his parents try to eliminated his extra-ordinary curiosity by few alternate ways.

Thitinun's entrance in the Patumwan Demonstration School, a middle school, proved the turning point of his life. This environment permitted him to unleash the full force of his curiosity, a transformational experience supported by a strong network of interpersonal relationships. Oh, and the many incidents this band of stalwart friends did guide him through. This group of his supporters included Tao Nuttakorn,Parut Penpayap,Arnold Vergara,Wittawat Techarungrot, they been involved in social research about forbidden issues in Thai society(at least at age of 15) such as sex,alcohol,cigarette. To finished all of these researches Thitinun risked himself in many outrageous experiments like went under an anonymous girl's chair on purpose of looked closely at her underwear to understand sickness mind of a pervert, masturbation at the back of his classroom to prove his own theory about a possibility of creating a hidden space in the middle of public space and in order of simplifiy the concept of masturbation itself. The result of both experiments were fail(same as most of his experiments) and been widely condemned throught out his classmates except his supporters which still supported him for all of these messes.

Like most parents they always blame something else for their own child false, after found out that his only son followed his own desire, Mr.Swasdikula couldn't accepted this truth then send his child away from his supporters to America the land of hope with high hopes that living in America and stay away from all of his friends will heal his son mentaly sickness and unacceptable behaviors.


Land of hope

During the break in AmericaEdit

During his time in America thitinun still go back and forth between Thailand and America. Each time he came back to Thailand he secretly sneaked out to meet with his supporters and continued his experiment on his motherland. At this period he found out his true goal for life which is very clear and pure, thing he love the most is women and after he realize this fact he turned his back against his own father. He can be found spend all of his resource mentally,physical and financial on thing he love with no regret nor fear.

He show a sign of mental break down when he was off to America. He was seized by hand of the state sometimes through his own needs, once he asked police officer to cuff his hand just for him to feel like a movie star. However, beside all of his strange behavior, he was also a magnificent musician and a hard worker sauce maker in Thai restaurant, his sauce been recommended as best sauce in Boston be many food journalists in Boston.

.....This sauce is made in heaven....

.....Jonathan m. sadal, boston cuisine....

After finished his degree at Berklee he worked for a sound studio in boston as an intern. At this studio he did learn so much about mexican,brazillian culture in porn industry and passion of east european for public nudity. He also learn about homeless life by turn into one himself, left all of his belongings in his friend's courtyard and lay his head on the cold street of boston. Years after collect all materials, he decided to go back to Thailand...the land of smile.

Back to Thailand

He came back again to Thailand, permanently this time. He fight his way out to musician career by start played with Karn Pornprasidrojna(Guitarist) and Wittawat Techarungrot(Drummer)in a small indy bar called 'Whiteout' This turn out to be another failure but guy like him never surrender to his fate, he dig his way out on DJ scene which become his main career later.

On the mid of 2010 he studied design in Rangsit university.

Raging in BangkokEdit

For Thitinun it is always important to keep learning new things, he is absolutely one knowledge hunger. He start done everything from cheap karaoke place to hi class club, from excellent lounge to ladyboy pavillion. According to his extremely curiosity, sometimes he can easily be spotted during his extra-ordinary behavior or activity, once he been spotted talking to one fabulous ladyboy under his dorm at Rangsit university late at night and nobody know the consequence of this situation, a reliable source said he kept showing pictures of one beautiful man around after this incident. He always walk around royal city avenue with a yellow beer cap with his fan Tao Nuttakorn or performing the shotgunning in public, the consequence of both activities didn't turn out very well.

(to be continued)