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Thitinun photo captured by Tao Nuttakorn

Thitinun Swasdikula na AyudthayaEdit

Thitinun Swasdikula na Ayudthaya is a very important figure of Thai teenager after 2005. Thitinun get seriously involve in many contemporary arts and music scene such as his role as DJ Cut Thecrap and also dedicate himself as a test subject in his own research project about infamous Thai traditional career....Read more

Tao nuttakornEdit

Tao Nuttakron is a big fan of DJ Cut Thecrap aka Thitinun. He always show up wherever Cut Thecrap play with his energatic and maniac personality. Tao been spotted several time showing his penis and laughing or scattering his pubic hair around in public space...Read more

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